Meat U Anywhere BBQ - Trophy Club, TX

“As the baby of ten in a Mexican Catholic family we would all have to pitch in to make tamales by hand. We would literally make 300-400 dozen by hand several times a year. It was backbreaking work on my mom and sisters who spread the masa by hand as I stood on a chair at age 5 to grind the meat in a hand-cranked Molino before filling them and rolling them all individually. By investing and partnering with BE&SCO it has allowed us to continue Mama Sediño’s Tamale tradition with my unique filling recipes, her original masa recipe and genuine West Texas hospitality with amazing food keeps them coming back. When you can provide guests with Texas sized tamales filled with smoked brisket, hatch chile y chicken and our turkey ‘n dressing tamales, let’s face it, we don’t open our doors daily to be slow, and the BE&SCO Electric Tamale Machine allows us to produce high volume, high quality Sediño family tamales. The production process still allows us to hand wrap each tamale for quality assurance while maintaining high volume production. We couldn’t be happier with our investment and partnership as BE&SCO is just a phone call away to guide you should you ever need any assistance. I, Andy Sediño, Founder/ Pitmaster/ Owner MEAT U ANYWHERE BBQ, 110% recommend BE&SCO for their cost effective high volume customer service enhancement products. We’re looking to buy a tortilla machine next as we produce over “40,000 dozen” tacos annually. And I couldn’t think of a better partner investment.”

– Andy Sediño, Pitmaster/Owner

Blue Sky Market - Washington

“For over 35 years we have been using our 3 BE&SCO Beta 900 Gas Combos! Without this niche market in our stores, we wouldn’t be as popular as we are today.”

– Mike and Janet Mayer, Owners

Evelyn's Mexican Restaurant - Live Oak, TX

“The Mini Wedge Press from BE&SCO works incredibly and I love that it is really easy to use. I highly recommend it!”

– Evelyn Rodriguez, Owner