Our Story

The BE&SCO Manufacturing name first appeared in 1965 when Elias and Robert Escamilla dedicated themselves to refurbishing and designing bakery equipment in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years the company continued to expand its product lines through research and development. Now, we are present in over 60 countries worldwide and are among the worlds leading manufacturers of flatbread presses.

Today, BE&SCO Manufacturing is proudly 3rd generation family-owned and is among the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial flatbread equipment for the Restaurant and Food Service industries.

Quality Matters

BE&SCO is not mass production. It is the work of people. There is no conveyor belt or single job assembly, but a special team of experienced craftsmen and craftswomen that build each machine by hand with professional pride. Our machines are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and are built to outlast any competitor in the industry.